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A Sanctuary Congregation

Christ Church has signed the Declaration of Sacred Resistance​ of the St. Louis Coalition on Sanctuary. We join with other multi-ethnic, interfaith congregations and community organizations in the St Louis region and around the country to create safe space for those families who are threatened by outdated and ineffectual immigration policies. 


The bottom line is this: The separation of families is immoral, cruel, and unjust.  The Declaration guides us as a people of faith, called by the gospel to love our neighbor and to stand with those suffering and oppressed in the midst of the current immigration crisis.

Alex Garcia - Currently in Sanctuary

Alex Garcia is currently being sheltered at Christ Church. He came to the U.S. from Honduras 14 years ago seeking safety and an opportunity to work to help his parents provide for their family. Until 2017, the government acknowledged Alex’s positive impact on his community and his responsibilities as a devoted father and husband to his five U.S. citizen children, and Alex was granted yearly permission to stay. In 2017, ICE denied Alex’s request and gave him a date to report for removal from the U.S. Instead, he chose sanctuary at Christ Church. Alex is a devoted husband and father, a talented and hardworking tradesman, and a valued member of our church and community. It is a great hardship for Alex and his family to have had to leave their extended family and home town to come live in Maplewood, but it was their last chance to keep from being torn apart by deportation.  Alex has gained national media attention. 


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