Open Circle


"Spiritual But Not religious?"

Open Circle is a new opportunity hosted by Christ Church and led by member Rev. Katherine HawkerSelf. A spiritual gathering without labels, exploring spiritual connections outside particular religious traditions, intentionally embrace folx in the LGBTQIA community, and sharing critical reflections in search of deeper accountability. 


Saturdays @ 5pm 



Inspired by a power beyond our own, we gather without labels to resist oppressive systems, share critical inquiry, and practice compassion.


A circle without labels... where we do our own naming, honor the light within, experience holiness beyond religious boundaries. A circle that empowers... where we respect the beauty beckoning in the wondrous challenge of human diversity and stand ready to curse the intransigent tangle of evil together. A circle that is tangible... where we dare to gather, committing to one another, sharing practices that we discover inspiring.


  • We will share our own names for ourselves and that which we hold sacred. 
  •  We will ask for what we need and offer what we can. 
  •  We listen to each other with compassion and curiosity. 
  •  We will hold stories or personal material in confidentiality. 
  • We will seek and share accountability. 
  •  We will practice circle wisdom, pausing at a signal and learning to signal when we need a pause. 
  •  We will explore new practices together. 
  • We will look for opportunities to serve.