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Commissary Facilities

Commercial Kitchen

Licensed commercial kitchen with A rating.  24/7 secure access, fair rates. Space provided for dry storage and refrigeration or freezer. Onsite parking and WiFi.

Leasing rates begin at $250 per month. Please inquire about availability by emailing  pam@maplewooducc.org or calling 314-644-3033.


Will I be sharing the kitchen with anyone?

Most likely, yes. We are a shared use kitchen, and while you may be fortunate enough to have some "alone time", it's never an expectation.

When can I begin using the commissary?

Simple! After the required documents are on file (application, insurance, Servsafe manager cert, permits, and licenses), and you’ve had a tour of the kitchen to familiarize yourself with the equipment and our procedures, you’re ready to cook!

Is the kitchen allergen free?

Unfortunately, no.

How do I pay?

On the first of the month, you can leave a check in the lockbox in the kitchen or pay via Paypal  at the button above.

Photo: J Pollack Photography

Photo: J Pollack Photography